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I’m Living Proof that Ontario Goofed When They Disabled my Human Rights

I’m living proof that Ontario goofed when they disabled my human rights. Please sign my petition demanding an apology from the Ontario Government at Change.org Read the BC Civil Liberties letter to Ontario Ministry of Health re: Violation of Teresa Pocock’s Human Rights

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The Big Five-Oh! Happy Birthday, Teresa!

Oh Teresa, the places you’ll go! And the things you will do. The people you’ll meet. Who will cheer you and greet. Fifty years young and your life has just begun. You’re a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful one. Oh Teresa, the

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Teresa is power-walking to protect Human Rights for all people with disabilities!

Please sign Teresa’s petition at Change.org Teresa Power Walks: Forced into a Nursing Home at 49. Now She’s Free! Watch Teresa Pocock ‘power walk’ — and ask yourself how anyone could think she belongs in a nursing home! It is

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Toronto Star: Teresa’s passport to a new life with Down syndrome

Toronto Star: Teresa’s passport to a new life with Down syndrome,

Great story in the Toronto Star by Antonia Zerbisias about Teresa and her adventures “power-walking” toward independent living! Teresa’s passport to a new life with Down syndrome March 29, 2014 Antonia ZerbisiasPosted with permission from Toronto Star Teresa Pocock is

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I Love My Human Rights

Teresa Pocock: I Love My Human Rights

I love my human rights. Please don’t take them away just because I have Down syndrome. Please sign Teresa Pocock’s petition demanding an apology from the CCAC and Rekai Centre at Change.org. Thank you.

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Human Rights Should Never Be Disabled

Please support Teresa’s Human Rights. Sign her Petition on Change.org You can get your own copy of the poster (13″ x 19″) on glossy paper at Zazzle: Buy Poster: Human Rights Should Never Disabled.

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Please Say You’re Sorry… Video

Teresa asks, Please Say Sorry

Teresa Pocock is 49 years old and has Down Syndrome. She is asking the CCAC to apologize for improperly taking away her human right to decide where she lives. She is asking the Rekai Centre to apologize for calling the

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Teresa Pocock’s Story: Crisis, Capacity and Courage

Teresa has launched a petition asking for a full public apology from the Rekai Center and the CCAC. Please sign her Petition at Change.org.

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